Construction industry in Hong Kong

The construction industry is one of the main pillars of the economy of Hong Kong. It is renowned for its projects including the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok; the very modern metro rail network (MTR) and the numerous skyscrapers which dominate Hong Kong's harbour.

The local construction sector accounted for 3.8% of GDP in 2008. In the first quarter of 2011 alone, the gross value of construction work performed by main contractors amounted to HK$26.3 billion gaining 17% year on year.

In the Quarterly Report of Employment and Vacancies at Construction Sites published by the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, the local construction sector employed over 70,000 site workers as at March 2012.

Hong Kong's construction industry is characterised by a small number of large local contractors, a high level of subcontracting and the presence of many overseas participants. The reliance on subcontracting adds an additional layer of legal complexity to construction projects and construction contracts.

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