Civil litigation practice and procedure in Hong Kong

Civil proceedings can be instituted by:

  • the Government against individuals (including companies); or
  • individuals against the Government; or
  • individuals against other individuals.

The standard of proof is based on the balance of probabilities. The main branches of civil law include contract, tort, property, administrative, family and revenue law.

White Book outlines civil procedure and practice in Hong Kong.

In April 2009, Civil Justice Reforms were introduced to modernise and reform legislation relating to practice and procedure in the courts of Hong Kong.

The Civil Justice Reforms introduce important changes to existing legislation and rules of court in order to:

  • promote a cost effective and efficient legal system;
  • reduce delays and complexity;
  • promote co-operation between parties to litigation;
  • introduce a greater degree of case management;
  • promote settlement of litigation through the ADR process; and
  • introduce a modern system of 'sanctioned offers' to replace the payment into court procedure.

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