How the performance-based system is used

The BCA successfully combines a dual approach. It provides a strong degree of certainty, combined with a high degree of flexibility, so that:

  • if compliance is achieved with deemed-to-satisfy provisions, a building proposal is deemed to have complied with the BCA; and
  • if a building proponent wants to take an alternative approach, they have the opportunity to do so – on the understanding that their proposal must achieve the performance requirements of the BCA.

The first step in using the performance-based system is to choose the means by which the building proposal will achieve compliance with the BCA. This will be by:

  • a deemed-to-satisfy solution; or
  • an alternative solution; or
  • a mixture of deemed-to-satisfy and alternative solutions.

If an alternative solution is chosen, the building proponent must ensure that an assessment method is chosen which satisfactorily indicates that the alternative solution will meet the performance requirements in the BCA. The nature of the assessment method will vary depending on the complexity of the alternative solution.

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